Day 23 – Saturday March 7 2015

I skipped breakfast today.  Popped into Yeovil for a wander and then met some friends in the Marks and Spencer Café for a catch up, where I had a pot of tea and an M&S wheat free, gluten free chocolate muffin.

My tenor saxophone had been playing up for the last couple of weeks (the g key was flat) so when I returned home, about midday, I decided to drive across to Sherborne to see if they could repair it.  I took it to Wessex Music ( and it took 5 minutes to identify the spring that was loose and repair it.  As I had a bit of time and needed some groceries I decided to go into Waitrose.  My shopping list was small – chicken and vegetables for Sunday roast (along with the usual gluten free gravy and cheese sauce) and Phil, my husband, had suggested chicken dipper and chips for this evening.  I had found a receipt in The Gluten-Free Cookbook by Heather Whinney, Jane Lawrie and Fiona Hunter for chicken nuggets and chips.

The selection in Waitrose was very poor, only one drop and that was mainly bread and cakes.  My shopping bill was very expensive for the few items purchased.   So back into Yeovil and Morrison’s to see if I could get the gluten free items – gravy, cheese sauce (which I really like and will continue to buy) and stuffing for the chicken.  They had nothing!  So I gave up and went home – was not going to go to Asda as well!

I skipped lunch as well, but had a packet (5 biscuits) of Nairns gluten free cheese oatcakes – I really like these!

Just after I returned home my friend Emma, from work, called and asked whether I would like to go for a walk with her and her dog, Terry, at Ham Hill as it was a lovely day.  So off I went again and we had a lovely walk, about 4 miles.

I did not get home until about 6 pm and it was too late to start making the chicken nuggets so I just cooked some gluten free pasta and with some Heinz penne pasta, with Heinz gluten free tomato and basil pasta sauce and added some ham, mushrooms and pepper and sprinkled some cheese on top for a very tasty quick meal.

Food today

Midmorning – M&S wheat free, gluten free chocolate muffin

Snack – Nairns gluten free cheese oatcakes

Supper – Pasta with tomato and basil sauce, ham, mushrooms, pepper and cheese

Drinks –tea during the day and an orange and mango juice with lemonade in the evening

Pictures to follow

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