Day 3 – Sunday 15 February 2015

This morning we decided to have crumpets and butter for breakfast – something different and we would not be eating until this evening. They were really tasty and light. During the day I had a few bits of fruit – dried apricots, prunes, raisins and figs in apple juice (only a couple of each which I prepare in advance).

We had a busy day today, decorating, so really looking forward to our evening meal.  We did sit down late afternoon for a quick snack and had some Tesco free from mini breadsticks.

My parents came around this evening for a meal and I cooked roast chicken, with gluten free stuffing and gravy, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots, sprouts and cauliflower with gluten free cheese sauce. It was very tasty, having gluten free items did not make any difference – the stuffing looked very dry when I was mixing it together but I thought it was much nicer than the normal one I buy – it was very crumbly.

No pudding for me, but dad finished off the apple pie in my fridge!

Food today

Breakfast – Tesco free from crumpets

Snacks – Tesco free from mini breadsticks

Supper – Roast chicken and vegetables with Mrs Crimbles home bake sage and onion stuffing mix, Kallo organic chicken gravy and Asda free from cheese and simmer sauce mix

Drinks – tea during the day and mango and orange juice with lemonade with my evening meal (I have not had any alcohol since Christmas)

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Day 2 – Saturday 14 February 2015

Off to Asda today for the weekly shop. There were two drops of gluten free foods available at Asda and I selected a variety of items, which included Mrs Crimble’s Home Bake sage and onion stuffing mix, Asda free from cheese simmer sauce mix, Kallo organic chicken gravy, Genius gluten free triple seeded soft rolls, Asda free from tikka masala sauce along with fruit, vegetables a chicken and some ham. Some items I chose purely to see the difference in taste.

Next we went into Yeovil for our Saturday morning coffee and treat in Marks and Spencer – I usually have a bowl of porridge with fruit compote or a toasted teacake – not this morning. The choice in the Marks and Spencer Café was very limited, the chocolate muffins were gluten free (none available), when I asked what they had available in gluten free, was told tomato soup and a gluten free bap, or a pack of sandwiches – not what I wanted for breakfast! As the bacon baps come pre-prepared I could not even have bacon in gluten free bap. However they did have a very tasty pecan and caramel bar.

I also walked around the food floor, but again that was very disappointing with not much to offer, at least nothing that was obvious.

I then went along to Ceres in Yeovil, where they have an excellent selection of gluten free food throughout the whole shop (they are even advertising the food and health event). My one purchase there was apple and cinnamon pancake mix ready for Shrove Tuesday.

Finally into Tesco to look at their selection and what a difference, they have five drops of gluten free foods available. After choosing some items I had enough to keep me going for a week. This included a few treats, such as crumpets, and chocolate muffins – well you need a few treats now and then and I need to do a comparison.

As promised, mum and dad came around with an Indian for the evening. I had telephoned the local Indian restaurant earlier in the day to find out about gluten free meals and was told I could have any of the curries and just to avoid the extras like Nairn bread, onion bhaji’s etc. ( A really lovely meal, I did not miss the extras – just had a bit more curry!!

Food today

Breakfast – pecan and caramel bar from Marks and Spencer

Lunch – skipped lunch

Supper – Chicken Lababdar and plain boiled rice

Drinks – during the day: tea and latte; during the evening: mango and orange juice with lemonade


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Shopping and eating gluten free

Asda GF selection

Asda GF selection

Shopping in Tesco

Shopping in Tesco

Tesco GF selection

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Day 1 – Friday 13 February 2015

I had to go to Asda this morning, so why not start gluten free today!  I had a quick look at the gluten free selection available and decided pasta would be an easy meal, so I purchased some Heinz penne pasta, Heinz gluten free tomato and basil pasta sauce and some chicken breast mini fillets.  I already had mushrooms at home.

I also bought some nairns gluten free biscuit breaks with oats and fruits (to keep in my desk at work) a tin of Amys Kitchen hearty rustic Italian vegetable soup and some Udis gluten free Au naturel granola.

I had the soup for lunch and really enjoyed it.

I cooked the pasta with tomato and basil sauce, chicken and mushrooms for supper and it was really tasty – I even had some parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top.

Throughout the day I drink tea or hot water with a slice of lemon and eat fruit. My mum and dad telephoned during the evening saying they would like to treat us to an Indian on Saturday evening. I told them about the challenge and said I would contact the Indian restaurant to find out whether they could do a gluten free meal.

Food today

Breakfast – skipped

Lunch – vegetable soup

Supper – pasta with tomato and basil sauce, chicken and mushrooms

Snacks – nairns biscuits and fruit (apple and orange)

Drinks – during the day tea and hot water with a slice of lemon; during the evening mango and orange juice with lemonade

Total Shopping Bill

My shop in Asda today cost me: £11.45

Equivalent shop non gluten free:  £7.26



Somerset CCG is arranging a Coeliac Disease Food and Health Event on Tuesday 24 February 2015 at Woodlands Castle, Taunton, Somerset, and I am helping to arrange this event.

I met with Susan Green from Café Nouveau, Frome on Tuesday 10 February to discuss the cookery demonstration, which she is doing along with Sarah Murphy from Innovative Solutions.  During our meeting Susan asked if I was gluten free, I am not.  I became involved in this event following a report I produced for Somerset CCG looking at Coeliac Disease.

Susan then set me a challenge to go gluten free until the event, which I accepted.  I agreed to start at the weekend, to allow me some time to look into it further and purchase some food.

I had a lovely gluten free meal at Café Nouveau, which consisted of Quiche, coleslaw and squash risotto and purchased two gluten free cakes to share with my colleague in the office the following day.


Christine to go Gluten free up until the event starting this weekend!  Susan to send through recipes/tips.  Christine to keep a diary of how she felt, what were the challenges, rate energy levels before and after, weight etc – Go Christine! This would be worth sharing with the 150 guests coming along somehow. Take a few photos too, it keeps it fun and it makes it very personable and relatable.  ie this is what I had for lunch, took to work today etc…

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