Day 22 – Friday 6 March 2015

on March 22, 2015

Today I had a day off work.  I started with the day with an omelette with ham and mushrooms – had some eggs that needed using up.

I started with a few chores around the house and my dad arrived mid-morning and we went to The Old Creamery ( to collect my new bedroom furniture that had arrived.  It took three journeys to collect the items and it was quite entertaining watching dad and I manoeuvre the items upstairs; a couple of the items were heavy and bulky.  When it was all in place and the handles put on it looked really good.

After that we had a quick cup of tea, whilst putting together a laundry box that had been delivered a few days earlier.

We then went back to Chilthorne, where mum and dad live, for some lunch.  Mum had prepared a jacket potato with tuna and salad.

Dad and I then had to go to Bristol.

That evening I had a very small portion of left over fish pie.

Food today

Breakfast – Omelette with ham and mushrooms

Lunch – Jacket potato with tuna and salad

Supper – small portion of fish pie

Drinks –tea during the day and an orange and mango juice with lemonade in the evening

Pictures to be added

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