Day 20 – Wednesday 4 March 2015

on March 15, 2015

Today is my birthday ….

I started today with a bowl of Asda free from porridge with a bit of syrup added, whilst opening cards and presents.  I arrived in work slightly later than usual, with two tins of cakes (sticky gingerbread squares taken from ‘Delicious Dishes’  produced by Glutafin, and a chocolate cake from The Gluten-free Cookbook by Heather Whinney, Jane Lawrie and Fiona Hunter),  for my friends and colleagues.   There were some cards and flowers waiting for me at work too.

Birthday treats for the office

Birthday treats for the office

Sticky gingerbread squares

Sticky gingerbread squares

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

I did not have any lunch today – well just a couple bits of cake – they went down really well in the office, especially the chocolate cake.  The gingerbread squares were really light and sticky with a good ginger flavour.  The chocolate cake was not dry, which was worried about and almost gateaux like with the amount of chocolate cream inside and around the edge.

For supper I went to my mum and dads.  When I arrived they had a power cut so mum was unable to do any cooking – she had prepared a stir fry with lots of vegetables.  We were just starting to think about going out for something to eat as the power returned.

For starter we had some fresh fruit – grapes, pineapple, apple and melon.  The stir fry contained:  onions, celery, mushrooms, garlic peppers, chicken, prawns, broccoli, cashew nuts, and carrots.  This was all served with plain boiled rice.  We did not need a dessert after that.  I had taken some cake for them to sample and mum and dad each has a sticky gingerbread square.

I popped home very briefly to meet a friend for a quick drink and then off dancing with mum and dad and some of their friends.  They always go Ballroom dancing on Wednesday evenings, so I joined them as I was on my own this evening.  Dad and I had a couple of dances around the hall, not that I am very good.

During the break mum produced a Victoria sponge birthday cake – I was just going to say gluten free when she took out of the tin a ‘Baked to taste’ lemon drizzle cake just for me.  I was so tempted to have a slice of the birthday cake, but was good, will wait for the challenge to finish and I am sure mum will make another one – more for everyone else!

That was a fun day!

Food today

Breakfast – Porridge

Supper – Fruit salad followed by stir fry

Cake – Baked to Taste lemon drizzle cake and homemade Chocolate cake and sticky gingerbread squares

Drinks –tea during the day and Shloer with my supper

Stir Fry

Mums stir fry

Lemon drizzle slice

Lemon drizzle slice

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

birthday 2

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