Day 19 – Tuesday 3 March 2015

on March 15, 2015

I started today with porridge again, another busy day at work and nothing exciting to eat.  For lunch I had the usual Genius gluten free triple seeded soft roll but this time with chicken and tomato.

Quick supper tonight as we had the remainder of the fish pie that I had made over the weekend.  I served this with some peas.

Tonight I had to finish decorating the chocolate cake (recipe taken from The Gluten-free Cookbook by Heather Whinney, Jane Lawrie and Fiona Hunter).  For the topping and centre I melted some plain chocolate with cream over simmering water and when it was cooled added to the creamed butter and icing sugar – there was lots of it, some went in the centre and the rest on the top and sides of the cake.  Looked lovely – no tasting until tomorrow – except some of the chocolate mixture as there was so much.  I was worried about the cake as one of the sponges broke in half whilst I lifted it out of the tin and it looked very crumbly, but that was hidden under all the chocolate.

Food today

Breakfast – Asda gluten free porridge with golden syrup

Lunch – gluten free triple seeded soft roll with chicken and tomato

Supper – Fish pie and peas

Drinks –tea during the day and an orange and mango juice with lemonade in the evening

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