Day 16 – Saturday 28 February 2015

on March 6, 2015

Today we started off with the usual shop in Asda, another expensive one with lots of gluten free items, including ingredients for the gluten free fish pie for this evening and two cakes which I will be making tomorrow to take into the office for my birthday – more about that later.

We then briefly popped into Yeovil with a quick stop in Marks and Spencer for a coffee and a ‘made without wheat and gluten free’ chocolate muffin! Which I enjoyed – it was very crumbly, which I have found with gluten free cakes and biscuits and I am trying lots of those! (But my weight has stayed exactly the same).

When we arrived home I did the usual chores of cleaning, tidying and washing.  I took Maisie, our kitten into the garden for a run-around – she is too young to let out on her own at the moment.  The day had started with a hard frost but it was lovely later in the morning when the sun came out.

Then cooking – Fish Pie – from ‘Cooking Without’ by Barbara Cousins.  This book has been lent to me by Susan from Café Nouveau, Frome (  Whilst preparing this I also had half a dozen large parsnips from my parents, so I cooked these and mashed with potato ready to be split into portions to freeze.  I also used some of this as a topping for the fish pie.

By time I have finished all the cooking Phil was sat down with a drink, so we had a packet of ‘Udis’ Ancient Grain – aged cheddar flavour.

I served the fish pie with some peas and sweetcorn (the remainder of the tin that had gone into the fish pie).  It was very tasty, not as creamy as the usual fish pie that I make (Fisherman’s Pie, Delia Smith, Complete Cookery Course).  No capers included and I usually spend ages trying to find capers in supermarkets!

Food today

Breakfast – M&S made without wheat and gluten free Chocolate muffin

Supper – Fish pie

Snacks – Udis Ancient Grain – aged cheddar flavour

Drinks – Tea during the day, latte in Marks and Spencer.  Orange and mango juice with lemonade in the evening

M&S Chocolate Muffin

M&S Chocolate Muffin

Udis Crisps

Udis Crisps

Fish pie for tea

Fish pie for tea



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