Day 14 – Thursday 26 February 2015

on March 4, 2015

An early start today as I had to be at the Holiday Inn, Taunton for the CCG Governing Body meeting, where I assist Kathy by meeting and greeting people and helping with any running around that is needed.  Breakfast was muesli and a cup of tea.  I arrived at about 8 am this morning and helped setting up the tables, they needed rearranging.  After an hour of running around we stopped for a coffee.

After the meeting we had to move the tables around again, then Kathy and I stopped for lunch.  The Holiday Inn were very helpful and prepared me a gluten free tuna sandwich with a few crisps and coleslaw.  Having heard lots of stories about gluten free bread I am not finding it too bad, however, to me it tastes really salty, but not unpleasant.   I do not put salt on anything (well, ok, chips) and only use in cooking for flavour.  So, no idea why certain items taste salty to me – it was the same with the pizza in Pizza Hut last week.

Anyway, back to today, when I got home, tea was a mix of left-overs – new potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, green and red pepper and a bit of ham – all lightly stir fried and sprinkled with a bit of cheese.  That was very tasty, if not very healthy!

Food today

Breakfast – Muesli

Lunch – Tuna sandwich on gluten free white bread with a few crisps and coleslaw

Supper – Using up stir fry with broccoli, new potatoes, ham, peppers and mushrooms topped with cheese

Drinks –tea and coffee

Lunch Holiday Inn

Lunch Holiday Inn

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