Day 13 – Wednesday 25 February 2015

on March 1, 2015

Wow, what a day yesterday.  Back to earth with a bump! And I am ready to continue the challenge until Easter.  As per usual I started the day with muesli (one day I will learn to spell it – every day the spell checker has to correct it!)  I had to go to Monks Yard at Horton Cross ( today for a meeting at 10 am, so I stayed at home instead of going to the office first.

I took this opportunity to do some cooking – remember the challenge set by Helen to make some chickpea farinate bread.  That did not take too long and it looks ok.  I added sautéed onion to the recipe, which was optional.  I took this into work along with the second spinach and salmon quiche that I made at the weekend for the bring and share lunch at work.

Monks Yard provides lovely biscuits for meetings and I resisted these, just having a cup of coffee.  I took in a packet of four nairns oats and syrup gluten free biscuits as a snack during the meeting.

For my lunch today I had some farinate bread and homemade quiche, as they were the only gluten free options available, along with some carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes. Most of the quiche and farinate bread went so they could not have been that bad!

I enjoyed the chickpea farinate bread, to me it tasted like an Indian onion bhaji, it was quite a heavy texture but very tasty (there was a lot of cumin in the bread).

For our evening meal today we had Marks and Spencer ‘made without wheat, gluten free’ salmon fillet fishcakes.  They were really tasty; I served these with new potatoes and broccoli.

Food today

Breakfast – Muesli

Lunch – bring and share at work so I had chickpea farinate bread, a small piece of homemade spinach and salmon quiche, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes

Supper – M&S gluten free salmon fillet fishcakes with new potatoes and broccoli

Snacks – narins oats and syrup gluten free biscuits

Drinks –tea and coffee during the day and mango and orange juice in lemonade for the evening


Nairns oat and syrup gluten free biscuits

Chickpea Farinate Bread

Chickpea farinate bread


Spinach and salmon quiche

M&S Fishcakes

M&S Fishcakes

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