Challenge Update – 24 February 2015

on February 24, 2015

I started the gluten free challenge on Friday 13 March “to go gluten free until the Coeliac Disease Food and Health Event on 24 February 2015”.  I have decided to continue with it until Easter; as I have only been doing it for 12 days I don’t think that is long enough to give it a good trial. By continuing I will be able to try out some new recipes, find out how quickly I get bored with the limited foods available in the Supermarkets and see how expensive it really is to live off this diet.  I also keep being asked if I feel any different in myself or whether my weight has changed.  I have not noticed anything yet but maybe I will after a longer period on this diet. I am really enjoying the challenge and sticking to it, rigidly.

I don’t usually eat out that much, but over that last couple of weeks I have been out a few times and I am finding it really interesting seeing what cafes and restaurants have to offer.  Usually after a meal I will tell the staff what I am doing, especially as I take photographs of the food and menu.

I will continue the blog for the whole time and will include recipes that I make and other challenges set by my work colleague, Helen.  I would also like to do a proper comparison of the price of gluten free food against non-gluten free food, which will go onto the blog (I have already set up a page ready for this).  I am finding it more expensive, but have had to start from scratch – I have a whole kitchen cupboard dedicated to gluten free food.

Thank you for reading so far and please continue following my blog and sharing your thoughts and comments.


One response to “Challenge Update – 24 February 2015

  1. lucysomerset says:

    Been reading your blog – very interesting! We do quite a few gluten-free recipes from Jamie Oliver e.g. his Grilled steak ratatouille & saffron rice is delish!!!!

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