Day 9 – Saturday 21 February 2015

on February 22, 2015

The weekend is here and lots to do.  I started by going into to town first thing as I needed to visit Ceres to collect some posters and business cards for the Coeliac Event (   When I arrived, Peter, the manager asked if he could have a stand at the event, which is great, so no need to collect posters.  I should have bought some chickpea flour, whilst there but forgot – must email Peter to see if he can take some on Tuesday for me!  Then another quick errand for the event – collect some small tasting pots, plastic spoons and shot glasses (for banana milk!) for Susan and Sarah to us at the Coeliac Event.

Back home and off to Cribbs Causeway, via Frome.  We stopped off at Café Nouveau, Frome ( on the way to visit Susan and have (at very late) breakfast.  Phil had a gluten free hot cross bun and I had hearty nouveau porridge, which was creamy buckwheat and rice porridge cooked in almond milk with raisins and honey – it was delicious!  This was finished off with a cup of tea.  We stayed there for quite a while, going through the details for next week and Susan gave me an update on the cookery demonstration.  She also very kindly lent me a gluten free cookbook – now I have another excuse to visit when I return the book, and of course, I will have another meal there.  I also bought two chocolate brownies for work (I seem to be having a lot of these lately)!

During our time at Cribbs Causeway we visited the food department of Marks and Spencer – where they had quite a good gluten free selection.  From this we purchased some ‘Made without wheat gluten free’ cheese puffs and ‘Made without wheat gluten salmon fillet fishcakes.

Instead of going straight home we had supper at Cribbs and we chose Pizza Hut – they do gluten free pizzas.  My choice was a Margarita; as I knew would be gluten free – just cheese and tomato.  I was very limited at the salad bar with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot and peppers – avoiding all the salad dressings, coleslaw and pasta.

I enjoyed the pizza, the gluten free base was like bread in texture, but not unpleasant.  I thought the pizza tasted salty but that was probably the cheese.  When we paid for our meal I explained that I was gluten free for a challenge – Zara, who served us, was very helpful and, had I spoken to her before our meal I would have known that all the pizza toppings were gluten free – so I missed out on my favourite pepperoni!   I had a glass of apple and mango J2O with the meal.

Food today

Breakfast – porridge from Café Nouveau, Frome

Snack – Marks and Spencer ‘Made without wheat gluten free’ chocolate brownie (ok I kept that one quiet!!)

Supper – Gluten free Margarita pizza from Pizza Hut

Drinks – tea during the day and a glass of apple and mango J2O


Susan and Christine outside Café Nouveau, Frome


Enjoying porridge for breakfast

Delicious porridge

Phil eating a gluten free hot cross bun


Excerpt from Café Nouveau menu

Marks and Spencer, Cribbs Causeway

Marks and Spencer, Cribbs Causeway

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Extract from Café Nouveau Menu

Pizza Hut menu

One response to “Day 9 – Saturday 21 February 2015

  1. Elizabeth Herridge (Cheddar PPG) says:

    Hi Christine .. reading your blog at Cribbs Causeway and having lunch at Patisserie Valeirie, so thought I would ask what gluten free they have and the answer was a macaroon and a chocolate brownie! Not that impressive, but I suppose you could adapt the menu!


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