Day 10 – Sunday 22 February 2015

on February 22, 2015

Today we had Genius gluten free croissants for breakfast, these were the ones that Jane let me have following our big band social gathering on Thursday.  They just needed 10 minutes in the oven.  The croissants were not light and flaky with the texture more like short crust pastry, they did have a buttery taste.  I like croissants so it was good to try the gluten free ones.

We popped to Asda this morning to do the weekly shop; I had a long list of gluten free items to purchase so that I could do some cooking later in the day – but I was not successful with everything required – more on that later.  When we got home I had a few chores to do before embarking on some cooking.

First salmon and spinach quiche, or to be correct, the pastry for the quiche – made from scratch – but I had to go to Morrisons first to buy the Xanthium gum as Asda did not sell this.  The pastry worked ok, I blind baked in the oven and it looked fine.  Cooked the spinach and salmon to put in the case and then made the cream mixture to pour on top.  This all cooked for 45 minutes and they (I have made two, one to take into work for a bring and share lunch later in the week) looked and smelt really good – I will take a slice for lunch tomorrow, and of course a slice for Helen, and will report back on the taste!

Next our supper and Phil had chosen stuffed butternut squash.  This should have been stuffed with roasted hazelnuts and dried cranberries with chilli flakes and parsley.  But I made my own version and used chopped up fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers, along with the chilli flakes and hazelnuts.  This was all topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  It was very tasty and we both enjoyed it.  I think there was something missing – maybe just slightly more seasoning needed.  But I will try this again and maybe change some of the ingredients.  Whilst waiting for the meal we had a few Udis gluten free ancient grain crisps, jalapeno cheddar flavour and these were really tasty – not that I had many!

Both recipes (and pastry) taken from The Gluten-Free cookbook published by DK

Food today

Breakfast – Genius gluten free croissants

Supper – Stuffed butternut squash and broccoli

Drinks –tea during the day and a mango and orange juice with lemonade in the evening

Spinach and salmon quiche

Spinach and salmon quiche

A few ingredients

A few ingredients

Stuffed butternut squash and brocolli

Stuffed butternut squash and broccoli

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