Day 6 – Wednesday 18 February 2015

on February 19, 2015

This morning I thought I would try the Asda quick cook gluten free golden syrup flavour porridge; this could be made with either milk or water and cooked for 2 minutes in the microwave. I chose water as I was getting low on milk. There was not a lot of porridge in the packet and the amount of water seemed to be very high in comparison. But I followed the instructions.

After 2 minutes in the microwave it still looked like water so I gave it another minute before removing and stirring. It looked revolting – give it a chance – let it cool a bit – maybe it will thicken up a little. I put the spoon in lifted to my mouth and it smelt disgusting – very sweet and sickly. I shall never know the taste as it went down the drain! Maybe I will try again tomorrow with much less water or even milk. Note to self – buy better quality porridge at the weekend. So I had muesli and used the last of the milk!

My colleague checks with me every day what I am eating and we had talked about pancakes yesterday, so we decided to have a tasting session. I made two extra pancakes last night and Helen did the same. Her husband made the pancakes with buckwheat flour. So mid-afternoon I tried the buckwheat pancake with a small amount of sugar sprinkled on it. I really enjoyed it – again it was a similar texture to the apple and cinnamon ones I had yesterday and had a very unusual flavour – I also learnt that buckwheat is a relative of rhubarb! So Helen is educating me as well! She also set me my first cooking challenge:

Your cooking challenge no 1 is…

First farinata – can be used with spreads (tapenade, or even bacon jam) and as an alternative to dunk into soups!

Then, Trinity’s Seed Loaf


I will be trying this at the weekend – look out for the results!

For our evening meal we had the rest of the roast chicken and gluten free stuffing with some fresh vegetables and gluten free gravy. I also sneaked a pancake for dessert as there was some pancake mix left.

Just escaping the gluten free diet for a few minutes – I was given some daffodils today to brighten up the new office – what a lovely thought and I love daffodils.

Food today

Breakfast – muesli (I really fancied porridge this morning!)

Lunch – Genius gluten free triple seeded soft roll with ham, cheese and tomato

Supper – Roast chicken left over from the weekend with fresh vegetables

Snacks – an apple and orange (forgot the biscuits – but tried a buckwheat pancake)

Drinks – during the day tea and hot water with a slice of lemon; during the evening mango and orange juice with lemonade

Buckwheat pancake

Buckwheat pancake




4 responses to “Day 6 – Wednesday 18 February 2015

  1. H W says:

    If you’re cooking seed loaf at the weekend I assume you’ll be bringing some in for us to sample? Hint, hint!


  2. Anita says:

    Wll done Christine! Looking forward to the seed loaf!


  3. Sarah says:

    Good links, Christine. Some nice recipes on them.


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