Day 5 – Tuesday 17 February 2015

on February 19, 2015

Today I also had some granola for breakfast with a cup of tea and for lunch I had a soft roll with ham, cheese and tomato. I also took to work a pack of four nairns biscuits and an apple and orange for snacks during the day.

It is moving day today in the office so a bit disruptive. My colleague, Helen brought in some salt fudge from Roly’s Fudge Pantry! ( and it is gluten free – we enjoyed this throughout the day. I also tried ‘itsu’ crispy seaweed thins, but that was not for me, too fishy! I also had my fruit – an apple and orange.

It is Pancake Day today, so that will be my evening meal. As it is the start of lent I have decided to continue this diet until Easter. This will give me a decent amount of time to find out more about being gluten free and try different foods.

Back to the pancakes – apple and cinnamon – cheating again buying the mix and just adding water and eggs. The mixture was very thick so I added slightly more water, it did not make much difference but I did not want to dilute too much. I only had three and that was enough as they were very filling. They were very cake-like in texture, totally different from the light pancakes I usually make. I just added a small amount of brown sugar.

I don’t feel that I am eating very healthily at the moment on this diet, but I will start cooking some recipes. I do eat fresh fruit every day.

Food today

Breakfast – Udis gluten free Au naturel granola

Lunch –Genius gluten free triple seeded soft roll with ham, cheese and tomato

Supper – Orgran gluten free apple and cinnamon pancake mix

Snacks – biscuits an apple and orange

Drinks – during the day tea and hot water with a slice of lemon; during the evening mango and orange juice with lemonade

Seaweed Thins

Seaweed Thins

Roly's Sea Salt Fudge

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